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Still as big as a cow.


So…uh…hi guys. Long time no blog. In extremely overdue news, I am applying to art school, which is why there hasn’t been much posting here. After a while, I figured I might as well continue documenting my artwork, and it can’t hurt to post my own work up in my own blog, even if it does get submitted in an application. Just in case, though, new things get a watermark.

Back in the summer of 2009, I drew a picture during a painfully long educational theory class that made me want to punch myself in the face. It was based off the interpretation of an unseen antagonist in a children’s book as drawn by a first grade Spanish bilingual student. Yes, I steal art ideas from children who can’t even speak English. Just like Hans Holbein. Deal with it.

You can see the original drawing here.

Seeing as how it was done just for fun, I was lazy and there is a lot wrong with it. I recently went back and did a new version, changing a few things to make the rat a little more mobile so it could actually chase something down and kill it rather than knock it out with the stench it probably had from not being able to move to bathe itself — which is not to say that isn’t how it killed people in the book. Children’s books are often vague like that.

(Click on it for the full version)

As you can see, it sucks slightly less. It also took forever, which wasn’t so bad because I worked on it in between other art projects that required actual thought. Then when I got tired, I made dots for an hour or so.


Hm. I’m not sure how often I’ll do these art school application posts. I have three more drawings to do for a hoity-toity school I’m not going to get into (but what the hey you only live once so why the hell not) . I shall endeavor to remember to post once a week or so.

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