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I really have no idea what TVC15 is about, but GODDAMN is it an awesome song.


Good news, everyone. Now that you’re reading this in Professor Farnsworth’s voice, here is a collage I did using stickers intended for easily impressed children.

Speaking of motivation, something wonderfun (I meant to type “wonderful” but “wonderfun” is even better) has happened. I had a sketchbook full of finished and half-finished watercolors that I had not been able to find for weeks. I despaired to think that I had accidentally thrown it out in a fit of spring cleaning. But lo! I was going through my many massive stacks of crap recently and there, buried between a pile of stolen printer paper (hell if I’m going to pay when I can get it for free) and old pay stubs, was my beloved sketchbook!

The reason I was sorting crap is because I’m moving house this weekend. So definitely after the move, I will scan in anything worth posting, and most likely take a study/unpacking break to finish a watercolor or two.


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