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Only 500 more pages to go


Well this looks familiar.

“Eyes with wispy mustaches”


“After the first anniversary of his death, he allowed himself to return to warm, well-lit places”

(RIP this particular notebook. I think it ran away and joined the circus. Sadface.)

“He worshiped them all as a mortal”

“Underpants charmed his furrowed brow with United States senators”

(Yeah I know this one doesn’t make grammatical sense. I just like the underpants.)

“Women are always spending so much effort on politics”

“The plane was alone in the dark. There was nothing else.”

“His eyes, which were opaque, looking straight at you, vehement opacity defined him”

“This was an invasion of his innocence for the first of what would be many, many times. His long graceful fingers knew how to work it.”

“The golden farmboy, body dissolving into a pleasant drawl”

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