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Nostalgia and The Space Frog


Hm. I SHOULD do something more literal with the idea of “space frog.” Somebody stop me before I hurt myself.

Here be probably one of the last paintings I did straight from a photograph, and the first time I really did anything with acrylic paint (2003). I have to say, the acrylic is nice for building contrast quickly, and I’ve used acrylics a lot since then when I paint, mostly because I haven’t had any place to store a wet oil painting. Up until this painting, I’d been using mostly oils because they are fairly idiot-proof and I had learned to paint via the idiot-proof methodologies at Mission: Renaissance, a California-based course for the aspiring hobby painter.

Which reminds me, I should find the Mission: Renaissance paintings I’ve done. They teach mostly impressionist techniques because, again, they’re more or less idiot-proof. Most of what we did was duplicate various known artists to practice their techniques. I have to say, I did some decent stuff with Cezanne, Winslow Homer, and Sargent. My Renoir was absolute crap. I’ll put up everything that I can find next time and you can judge for yourself.

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