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Ah yes, but is it art?


Ok, a few things:

  1. Holy crap, I haven’t updated in months. Life got away from me for a bit, and I didn’t realize how neglectful I’ve been until a friend mentioned this blog. The good news is that after spending a morning with customer service a little while ago, I got my scanner working. Today I scanned in a bunch of stuff I did last summer, which I will put up with more frequency. The bad news is that I can’t find one of my notebooks full of watercolors, including the mermaid from this post, to scan properly. Hopefully it turns up, or else we’ll have to settle for more crappy old point-and-click digital camera images of the paintings.
  2. The same friend who reminded me about Ol’ Bloggie here (I swear I should never be allowed to have children) also made a request for me to post an old oil painting I did circa 2003. I actually haven’t posted it previously because, while I like it, it’s not an original image. It’s an oil painting I did for a class based on a promotional image for the movie Velvet Goldmine which featured Ewan McGregor channeling Iggy Pop, all gallivanting about in shiny, tight pants, flapping his junk around, and slutting his way in and out of some other sexy people. Needless to say, my giddy teenage self could do nothing but commit this thing of wonder to canvas. Stop staring at the light and take em off, McGregor. I don't have all day.
  3. Which brings me to my third point. YO STOP LOOKING AT THE PAINTING I’M STILL WRITING HERE. Is there artistic merit in reproducing images? I debated making this post for that reason. I thoroughly hate college for making me broach this subject, because it could go on for days, and no, I’m not going to discuss re-appropriation, nor the definition of art as a matter of form or function. For my purposes, I do not set out to make or define anything as Art, but simply to post up things that I have enjoyed making. So with that in mind, check out some more shameless fangirling I did in high school.

Stop walking on the snow, elf. You are an elf. You should be making cookies.

Click for full size.

Ah, back when I had the time to work on technical skills. I did both of these to work on my shading, and now the proportions in the drawings are bothering me. GAH. Look for the next post to be of something silly and cartoonish so I don’t have to stare and nitpick.

PS: Don’t get it twisted– the Legolas was for a friend of mine. Stupid elf walking on top of the snow. Get off the snow, Elf. You shouldn’t even be here. You are supposed to be making cookies.

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