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Fly My Pretties


So to get this blog going, I’m sifting through some old stuff and finding some things worth exposing to the light of the interwebs, some things not worth the effort, and sadly many things not adequately documented.

For now, enjoy this painting I did sometime in 2006 in a single eight hour sitting. Ah college. The original piece was painted on four separate canvas boards, so they could be rearranged and displayed in different ways.

Quickie addendum: Oh gosh you enchanting people, I found some detail photos I took not the very hour the painting was completed. Well shut me down and call me a Gateway.

*BONUS*: A special sneak peak at my dorm room’s sexy sexy carpet. This is, as they say, where the magic happens.

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  1. 11/09/2009 7:51 am

    I think I remember this from way back in your LJ days. Still outstanding. Well done.

  2. kim permalink
    11/09/2009 10:15 pm

    i miss having your art on the walls

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